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T.J. Miller will soon be featured in Deadpool 2 with Deadpool Fuck Corona Shirt, again in the role of Weasal, the character he already played in the first film. Yet it seems that it will be his last time; The actor was indicted at the beginning of this year by an anonymous woman for sexual abuse. Some people had expected that, as a result, Miller would be cut out of Deadpool 2, as was the case for Kevin Spacey in All the Money in the World. But Fox decided not to take his character out or replace it, although it now looks like it will be the last timeā€¦

In a recent interview, Ryan Reynolds was asked about Miller, but he preferred not to answer that question. However, the Deadpool actor announced that Miller will not be featured in the upcoming X-Force film, which is likely to serve as the third Deadpool movie. Exactly what will happen to his character is still unclear, since the recordings were virtually completed at the time the actor was indicted, so it seems unlikely that Fox changed the original ending to get Miller out.

Miller has also made a negative appearance in the news a few times in recent months; he was recently arrested for harassing a woman on a train and for making a false bomb threat to the police. He had to pay as much as $100,000 and could also end up in prison for these crimes. Recently, the actor also left the HBO comedy series Silicon Valley, although he said it was ‘having a different opinion” than the directors’ and that it just ‘didn’t work out anymore’.

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